Tian Ying Medical: successful acquisition of German listed dental laser company elexxion AG

Founded in Germany in 2002, elexxion AG is a company focusing on the R&D,manufacturing and selling of Dental laser. The products cover diode laser and Erbium YAG laser.


Big events:

2002 Founding of elexxion GmbH

2004 Completion of the first diode laser for soft tissue

2004 Start of development of the 2in1 laser  

2006 Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young

2006 Stock market listing

2010 Development of the small laser pico and nano

2014 Market launch of perio green

2015 Exclusive tissue SNORE 3 for non-invasive snoring therapy

2016 Shanghai TianYing became controlling shareholder


The vision of elexxion AG is to bring laser products in the market and help dentists to offer better treatments.

 At present, Laser has been widely used in every specialized field of dentistry, whether in examination or treatment or anything else. It has greatly improved the social and economic benefits.

The aim of Tian Ying is to develop dental laser technology into a universal tool for global dentists in clinical and scientific fields.

天鹰医疗成功收购德国牙科激光上市公司elexxion AG

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