Washer Disinfector DS 50
Washer Disinfector DS 50

Italian Steelco 

     As a multinational enterprise with scientific and technological innovation as its mission, Steelco inherits the gene of Italian Renaissance since the 14th century, and has a deeper understanding of the philosophy of “constantly surpassing” of its parent company Miele Group.

     The agility of Italy and the preciseness of Germany have made Steelco be a professional and outstanding company, who is leading the iteration of global disinfection and sterilization field.

◆     Steelco, with its brand-new concept, advanced technology, excellent products and considerate service, provides these institutions with comprehensive system solutions for infection control and prevention and control in accordance with strict standards.

     Chamber volume:60L  enable the simultaneous washing of large quantity of handpieces as well as other instruments. What a good choice!

     Rounded design, smooth inner surface, avoid dead corner and bacteria breeding

     LCD touch control system is easy to operate, glass screen is easy to clean, prevent cross infection

     High temperature resistant glass door is optional. The cleaning process can be clearly observed, and during the washing process, temperature, working position and remaining time of the whole cycle can be displayed in real time

     Real time diagnosis and timely treatment

     3 pre-setted washing programs for daily use

     When the program is interrupted under special circumstances, the door will be locked automatically to prevent high temperature injury and contaminated water leakage caused by mistakenly opening the door

     Thermal disinfection complying with EN ISO15883-1/2/3

     Stainless steel filter ensures that no foreign matter will enter the inner side of handpieces which can protect the core components.

Washer Disinfector DS 50

Washer Disinfector DS 50

Washer Disinfector DS 50

Leading the development of infection control

Located in the Alps and next to the water city of Venice, Italian Steelco has been determined to become the leader of the industry since its establishment in 1998. After its merger with Miele (Meinuo) of Germany in 2017, it has been developed even more!

With its innovative products and rich product line, Steelco provides a comprehensive system solution with targeted infection control and contamination prevention for the global medical institutions, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories and research institutes, these solutions include the new progress of automation and informatization, flexible, efficient, reliable and environmental protection. They can not only meet the current needs, but also fully consider the future development. They are in line with the relevant laws and regulations of the world, regions and host countries, provide customers with a high level of security, and are also unanimously appreciated by users

 Dedicated to information sharing

Steelco is well aware that in order to achieve the expected effect of products and solutions, it is necessary to strengthen the professional training of relevant personnel.

Innovative customer service

Adhering to the modern service concept, Steelco provides customers with a full cycle of one-stop professional services. We will actively participate in the embryonic stage of the project, with our own knowledge and technology, to provide you with building layout, process planning, equipment selection and supporting, logistics automation, installation and maintenance, verification and testing, emergency repair, operation training, cloud information, remote control and other green and environmental protection comprehensive system solutions, to help you achieve the goal and beyond the goal!