Mectron, Italy

●      Since 1979, MECRON has been successfully active in the dental field, continuously developing and producing high-quality medical equipment

●      The first titanium alloy ultrasonic transducer was invented in 1982 and has now become a worldwide standard

●      In 2001, the first ultrasonic bone knife was pioneered, and in 2007, the ultrasonic bone knife working tip set was used for preparing surgery in the dental implant area, and the first case study on the working tip was published

●      Our sales network covers over 80 countries worldwide and has gained a high reputation in the international market


◆  Full touch screen design——Luxury appearance,Humanized operation

◆ With rotatable LED fiber optic——360 ° controllable

◆  Automatic information feedback system——Automatic matching of suitable output power

◆  Selective cutting——Only cutting bone tissue without damaging other tissues

◆  Micron level cutting——Minimal bone damage,Minimal thermal damage

◆  APC automatic protection system——Reliable Performance

◆  Automatic pipeline disinfection system——One click cleaning and disinfection

◆  Disk shaped foot control switch——Easy and fast

◆  The catheter can be reused——Cost savings

◆  Unique cavitation effect——Help stop bleeding,Maintain a clear surgical field of vision

◆  Multiple working tips to choose from——Wide range of clinical applications

Clinical Application of Ultrasound Bone Knife

◆  Alveolar surgery

Extraction of impacted teeth, extraction of severed roots, extraction of bone adhesive teeth, apicectomy, and root canal filling surgery

◆  Periodontal Surgery

Root leveling, crown cleaning and neck trimming, crown extension, periodontal surgery

◆  Maxillofacial

Maxillofacial surgery, bone block transplantation, bone fragment (powder) collection, and osteotomy near nerves (mucosa)

◆  Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic Surgery、Periosteal preparation、Osteotomy

◆  plastic surgery

Plastic surgery、osteoplasty

◆  Planting Department

Maxillary sinus top fenestration (internal lifting)、Lateral fenestration of maxillary sinus (external lifting)、Preparation of planting area、Mini planting area preparation technique、Implant removal surgery、Cleaning and polishing around the implant、Expansion of alveolar ridge




-->  Experience precision


◆  Micron level cutting

PIEZOSURGERY provides micron level cutting, minimally invasive surgery, and can achieve good surgical accuracy in jaw surgery.

◆  Selective cutting

PIEZOSURGERY protects soft tissue. When cutting bones, it will not damage nerves, blood vessels, and mucous membranes.

◆  Cavitation effect

The cavitation effect of ultrasound helps to stop bleeding and ensures a clean surgical area.

-->  Experience Ergonomics


◆  Redefining bone surgery

The unique black touch screen, simple user interface, and rotatable LED handle of the Piezosurgery Touch have all taken the ergonomics of surgery to a new level.

◆  Advanced handle system

Integrated LED handle and handle wire system, capable of high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization

360 ° rotating LED light can follow the direction of the working tip

Internal sprinkler system, no need for disposable accessories

超声骨刀PIEZOSURGERY TOUCH-->  Experience efficiency

Simplify workflow

Step 1: Touch to select the surgical type.

Step 2: Touch to select the flushing amount.

Step 3: Start the surgery.

Automatic feedback system

◆  Continuously and accurately adjust the working tip vibration.

◆  Automatically detect the required power and make corresponding adjustments.

◆  The user can intervene by stepping on their foot.

Flexible flushing system

◆ The flushing pipe of the peristaltic pump can be reused.

◆ Use standard connectors for pipelines.

◆ The flushing pipeline is integrated into the handle pipeline.

Automatic Protection Control (APC)

◆ Whether there is a deviation between automatic detection and normal operation, ultrasound and cleaning work can be stopped within 0.1 seconds.

◆ The reason for work interruption will be displayed on the display screen.

超声骨刀PIEZOSURGERY TOUCH-->  Experience innovation

How does Mectron continuously develop new cutting-edge work, collaborate with clinical doctors, and serve them?

Their inspiration, combined with our long-term experience and technology in developing work tips, is the foundation for creating excellent work tips that are suitable for high-precision surgery.


-->  Experience quality

Quality inspection

◆ Each work tip requires 12 workflows before leaving the factory to ensure a good match between the equipment and the work tip.

Diamond coating

◆ Different working tips use different diamond coatings, and the particle size of the diamond coating is suitable for different treatments.

Titanium oxide coating

◆ The titanium oxide coating on the working tip increases surface durability, avoids corrosion, and extends service life.

Laser Tag

◆ There are laser labels on each work tip.


-->  Experience integration

PIEZOSURGERY supports implant bone fusion

1. Inflammatory cells decrease and bone union is fast.

2. High controllability during surgery.

3. Can prepare 2, 3, and 4 mm commonly used implants.

--> Bone healing

--> Sensitiveness

--> Simplicity

--> Success

-->  Effect

-->  Patient comfort







-->  Experience

Mectron has defined the future of bone surgery over the past 12 years

Have you seen any scientific research cases using devices other than PIEZOSURGERY?of course,You can also look for needles in a haystack - the quantity is very, very small。

At the beginning of twelve years ago,We have maintained close cooperation with the scientific research institute and successfully completed clinical research。

--> 1997年

--> 1998

--> 1999

--> 2000年

-->  2001年


Mectron and Tomaso

Developed jointly by Professor Vercelotti

The concept of piezoelectric osteotomy surgery


The main technological progress is in osteotomy

Adaptation to ultrasonic motion during cutting


Mectron produced the first

Used for piezoelectric osteotomy surgery

Prototype machine

◆  Performing the first tooth extraction surgery


First lateral maxillary sinus surgery

Lifting surgery

◆  Professor Tomaso Vercelotti named this new treatment method PIEZOSURGERY

◆  First maxillary segmentation surgery


◆  First mandibular segmentation surgery

◆  Published the results of the first clinical case study on alveolar ridge expansion.

◆ Mectron has started mass production of PIEZOSURGERY equipment


◆  The first surgery to lift the top maxilla

◆ Mectron unveiled the world's first piezoelectric osteotomy device, PIEZOSURGERY, at the IDS exhibition

◆  There are more than 20 working tips to choose from

◆  Published the first case study of using PIEZOSURGERY for maxillary sinus augmentation surgery

--> 2002年

--> 2004年

--> 2005年

--> 2007年

-->  2009年

◆  Developed periodontal resection surgery

◆  First bone graft surgery

◆  Compared to the first generation, optimized performance and user-friendly operation

◆  Mectron has released the second generation PIEZOSURGERY device



◆  Published over 30 research cases on PIEZOSURGERY devices

◆  The first competitive product has emerged in the market

◆ First use of PIEZOSURGERY for dental implant area preparation surgery

◆  Mectron has launched a work tip for implant preparation surgery and published the first case study on work tips

◆  Launched PIEZOSURGERY third-generation product

--> 2010年

--> 2011年

--> 2013年

◆  Launched SINUS PHYSIO-LIFT set for top maxilla lifting

◆  PIEZOSURGERY touch ushers in a new era of piezoelectric bone surgery

◆  Introduced unique working tips for removing cylindrical and conical implants