Dental ultrasound therapy equipment
Dental ultrasound therapy equipment

Mectron, Italy

  • Since 1979, MECTRON has been successfully active in the dental field, continuously developing and producing high-quality medical equipment

  • The first titanium alloy ultrasonic transducer was invented in 1982 and has now become a worldwide standard

  • In 2001, the first ultrasonic bone knife was pioneered, and in 2007, the ultrasonic bone knife working tip set was used for preparing surgery in the dental implant area, and the first case study on the working tip was published

  • Our sales network covers over 80 countries worldwide and has gained a high reputation in the international market


◆ Full touch screen design - luxurious appearance and user-friendly operation

◆ Dual handle design - improves work efficiency

◆ With rotatable LED fiber optic -360 ° controllable

◆ Automatic information feedback system - automatically matching suitable output power

◆ APC automatic protection system - reliable performance

◆ Soft Mode - Painless Tooth Cleansing

◆ Pulse restoration mode - suitable for pediatric tooth extraction

◆ Multiple working tips to choose from - wide range of clinical applications


  Clinical application:

◆ Root canal: root canal swabbing, root canal refilling, root canal repair and filling

◆ Periodontal/curettage: curettage, periodontal treatment, implant cleaning

◆ Restoration: restoration and filling, children's tooth extraction, cavity preparation


牙科超声治疗仪 multi-functional ultrasonic machine

Putting Perfection into Dental Practice



Applying softer treatment to dental practice

-->  Periodontal treatment

When cleaning the subgingival periodontal pocket, it is important to be gentle: to successfully remove stones while minimizing the patient's pain as much as possible.

The new soft mode of MULTIPIEZO PRO: It can adjust the ultrasound movement to a gentle but still powerful working tip movement - thus providing a soft but effective removal of subgingival stones.


Putting comfort into dental practice

-->  Root canal therapy

One device, three application ranges: Nowadays, root canal therapy requires a large number of instruments and equipment to solve various problems encountered, and the new MULITPIEZO PRO can solve most of the problems with just one device.

The MULITPIEZO PRO is equipped with multiple root canal working tips that allow it to flexibly solve most root canal problems - its electronic control system with built-in tip protection makes it a controllable and effective assistant for your daily work.


Putting Safety into Dental Practice

-->  Teeth extraction for children

Due to inflammation or for the purpose of correction or to make room for the growth of permanent teeth, sometimes it is inevitable for children to have their deciduous teeth removed. In these treatments, it is important to successfully complete tooth extraction surgery without damaging soft tissue.

The working tip used for the new MILTIPIEZO PRO adapts to the anatomical structural requirements in the above treatment. They can provide intraoperative sensitivity, allowing you to protect healthy alveolar bone while extracting teeth - without damaging the alveolar wall and periodontal membrane surface. In addition, physiological solutions can increase visibility and accelerate the healing process.


Putting controllability into dental practice

-->  Repair

Dental drills always drill wherever there is little resistance - and we are not: Mectron's ultrasonic vibration tip does not damage soft tissue, and has high controllability in maintaining a perfect subgingival edge and aesthetics.

Thanks to these very thin and angled work tips, the risk of damaging adjacent teeth can be reduced to a very low level. The result is that during the treatment process, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have good vision and operability - and reduce the patient's pain to a very low level.

    Ultrasonic working tip    

  -->  How to control the movement of the work tip with MULTIPIEZO PRO

-->  Automatic Protection Control (APC)

◆  Automatic recognition error

◆  Stop ultrasonic operation and liquid flushing within 0.1 seconds

◆  The reason for work interruption displayed on the panel

牙科超声治疗仪 Multipiezo Pro

-->  Automatic feedback system

◆  Continuous and accurate work tip movement

◆  Automatically detect power, adjust power if necessary

◆  Users can easily intervene through foot switches

牙科超声治疗仪 Multipiezo Pro

-->  Flushing system

◆  No drips or leaks

◆  Two 500ml water bottles

◆  The activated water bottle has a light prompt

◆  Can be connected to a fixed water supply pipeline (optional)

Everything is ready

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