Austria [IDC] Digital Dental Restoration System (CAD/CAM)

In 2004, Amann and Girrbach successfully formed a strategic alliance to establish Amann Girrbach. With the continuous development of its professional research and customer service, market segmentation emerged, and in 2014, the IDC (Integrated Dental CAD/CAM) brand was born.

As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology, Amann Girrbach is an innovator and comprehensive service provider in the field of digital dental restoration. Relying on its customer-oriented professional research and development team, this company from Vorarlberg, Austria is committed to providing systematic solutions for digital oral restoration.


Creating a digital dental restoration center for you


IDC provides a complete set of systematic solutions from scanning to design, from grinding to sintering, paired with original consumables, to minimize potential errors during the process and provide high-quality detail processing


Open Platform

- Open design for easy scanning in suitable locations

- Provide ergonomic interior design for easy cleaning

- Small footprint and powerful functionality


Efficient HD scanning

- High definition camera, 2.8 million pixels

- DNA blue light grating scanning

- Optional high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) modes


Rich accessories

- Standard multi generation scanning platform

- Standard full dentition scanning platform

- Standard universal scanning platform

- Optional die holder


Efficient jaw frame scanning

- No need to transfer platforms

- No manual adjustment required

- No need to replace the base

- Suitable for most jaw frames on the market



- Automatically placed in the appropriate scanning range

- No need to adjust the base height

- Full automatic scanning



Entry level scanner - fast, compact, and precise

● Small footprint brings high precision

● Adopting DNA speed scanning method to accelerate scanning time by 50%

● Open interface and automatic user operation guidance

● Applicable to most types of models on the market (including half edge models)



Fully functional scanner combined with Splitex quick release board

● High precision digital modeling between the upper and lower jaw

● Adopting DNA speed scanning method to accelerate scanning time by 50%

● Universal flexible base makes model loading and unloading very easy

● Open interface and automatic user operation guidance