Electric operating table Genius
Electric operating table Genius

Brumaba, Germany

Ÿ    Professional research and development and production of high-end special operating beds in the field of head and neck surgery

Ÿ    Having numerous patented technological achievements, applied to medical institutions or high-end clinics around the world

Ÿ    Specially designed head structure, constantly improving product details

Ÿ    A surgical bed that integrates humanization, personalization, intelligence, high quality, high craftsmanship, and high technology

电动手术台 Brumaba CL Genius

Electrical operating table

Brumaba CL Genius

电动手术台 Brumaba CL Genius

A cost-effective head and neck surgical electric operating table

Brumaba CL genius is suitable for head and neck surgery, characterized by a specially designed head structure that allows doctors to approach the patient's head in a suitable position, sitting in a very relaxed position, and looking directly into the surgical field of view. The horseshoe shaped headrest with a universal joint not only stabilizes the patient's head and neck, but also flexibly adjusts the patient's head position when necessary during surgery. The fully hydraulic system allows the electric operating table to move quietly and smoothly, and suitable surgical techniques are used for head and neck microsurgery. The high cost-effectiveness has made Brumaba CL genius popular among users.



Product Features

●  Retractable head structure with headrest

● Adjustable length of back extension device

●   24V DC battery control

●  Hand controller

●   8 sets of memory beds

●   Expansion column 570-840mm

●   Partial stainless steel structure


●   foot controller

●   Instrument rack

●   Double telescopic column 530-960mm

●   Casters

电动手术台 Genius

Comfortable ground up and down

电动手术台 Genius

Optimization of doctor-patient distance

电动手术台 Genius

move freely

电动手术台 Genius

Personalized adjustment