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Chair Side Series

Austria [IDC] Digital Dental Restoration System (CAD/CAM)

In 2004, Amann and Girrbach successfully formed a strategic alliance to establish Amann Girrbach. With the continuous development of its professional research and customer service, market segmentation emerged, and in 2014, the IDC (Integrated Dental CAD/CAM) brand was born.

As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology, Amann Girrbach is an innovator and comprehensive service provider in the field of digital dental restoration. Relying on its customer-oriented professional research and development team, this company from Vorarlberg, Austria is committed to providing systematic solutions for digital oral restoration.


Creating a digital detal restoration center for you


Patient data acquisition


Oral scanning


Modeling data processing


CAD design


CAM layout


Grinding path calculation




Wearing teeth


Major brands' mouth scans


CAD+CAM software



Four major advantages

1. Scanning and design can be carried out independently at the same time, without waiting, continuously working, with high equipment utilization rate, greatly improving work efficiency;

2.After the design is completed, multiple grinding machines can be connected for work, and different grinding tasks can be sent to each grinding machine, making it convenient, fast, and efficient;

3. Open design software that can accept data from different brands of oral scanners and model scanners for design. With only 1-2 technicians or nurses, a digital repair center can be built in the hospital, greatly saving time costs, labor costs, and equipment costs. It can not only meet the fast and convenient needs of chair clinic, but also meet the multifunctional and accurate repair needs of the technical room;

4. The equipment can be continuously upgraded to meet the needs of multiple people and departments, and can be equipped with scanning and grinding equipment from other brands, making it convenient and flexible without the need for repeated investment.



● Number of axles: Four axles

● Mode: Wet grinding

● Spindle speed: 100000 rpm

● Grindable consumables: wet grinding materials such as glass ceramics, resin, et

● Grindable short tooth bridge, personalized titanium base platform

● Built in water tank and air compressor

● Touch screen display screen, real-time display of working status

● Suitable for quick grinding beside clinical chairs


9-15 minutes

Grinding mode: cutting, polishing, carving. The new carving mode saves up to 60% of the time, and the grinding time for a single crown varies from 9 to 15 minutes depending on the material and equipment.


100000 rpm

The motor is produced by the world-renowned brand Jager, with strong power and a spindle speed of up to 100000 rpm in wet cutting mode


Intelligent motherboard

The independently developed motherboard brings intelligent processing solutions


Multiple fixtures

Cooperate with different types of consumables and indications, and quickly switch between installation and use


Ten μ M

Cutting accuracy<10 μ m. Surface treatment achieves a refined effect


5000 hours

The high-frequency high-speed spindle can operate for at least 5000 hours under normal use


Ntegrated molding

The main cabin is integrally formed to prevent liquid and dust intrusion, ensuring the safety of electrical components and extending equipment life


Open Platform

It can be connected with different brands of oral or warehouse scanners (connecting with IDC original equipment can achieve high-quality results)


Model: IDC D1 design software

Intelligent design software with full Chinese interface

Automatically guide the design process, saving a lot of time

Digital Virtual ARTEX CR Jaw Frame

Open platform that can be connected to different brands' mouth 

scans and warehouse scans

Exportable STL format files

Closely linking the scanning and grinding processes, seamlessly

 connecting them


Model: ICD CAM typesetting software

Simple, fast, and precise

Convenient and flexible layout positioning

Quick calculation of cutting path

Provide optimized sintering buffer design for accurate zirconia and 

metal long bridge sintering

Intelligent layout concept, fully matching pre dyed cake blocks

Open platform that can import STL format files