Dental Unit: A3 PLUS
Dental Unit: A3 PLUS

Italy Anthos 

Anthos, Italy's leading producer of dental units, provides products designed to ensure all dentists have a model that suits their individual working style.  The mission is to seek out solutions and develop products that boost the dentist's ability to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment for pathologies of the oral cavity. For over 60 years, an extensive product range, good design, recognized quality and good performance have made this brand a popular choice with dentists worldwide.

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS


Designed and built inside Europe’s first dental unit production hub, A3 Plus embodies all the key values of the Anthos brand: practicality, reliability, and flexibility.

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

-->  Ergonomic design   

A3 plus is a compact, flexible model that stands out high performance levels usually reserved for high-end dental units. Anthos carries out continuous research to develop across-the-board product improvements while the company’s experience and fast track response makes they are implemented quickly.

1 New cuspidor bowl, which can be dismantled completely, with removable cup-and-bowl fill unit.

2 Surfaces made of a special plastic that provides long- lasting resistance to the effects of light and cleaning products.

3 Integrated multimedia system with digital camera and medical monitor with LED technology.

4 The spray circuit disinfection system is both hygienism and convenient.

5 Patient chair with cast aluminum structural components type-approved to lift up to 190 Kg.

6 The use of extruded aluminum for the pantograph arm brings both strength  and lightness.

7 Instrument levers are made of Nylon to make they are able to withstand constant use.

8 Cast aluminum armrest to bring greater solidity and durability.

9 The new instrument control panel, made with materials that increase key sensitivity, incorporates a numerical display for greater data reading precision.

10 A choice between a wide, wrap-around backrest or a compact one which makes more space available around the patient.

Dental Unit: A3 PLUS

 Anthos offers a choice of two different backrest types

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

 The patient chair features vertical excursion and is programmed to go to the Trendelenburg position.

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

 The new cuspidor bowl rotates over the unit body to prevent any interference with the operating area during treatment.

-->  High-end electronic control technology

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

Thanks to a 3-figure numerical display, the new instrument control panels on the A3 Plus provide effective working control. A layout separating patient chair controls from dental unit and instrument controls makes finding the right key simpler.

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

The user can, where a sixth instrument is requested, choose between intraoral video camera and curing light.

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS修改

The foot control provides ease of use and multiple functions:

• Progressive instrument activation

• Immediate selection of sprays

• Chip Air, Chip Water

• Patient chair movement.

• Rinse and home position activation

-->  Hygiene system

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

Easy-to-dismantle ceramic or glass cuspidor bowl 

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

Cannula ends can be autoclaved

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

The O.D.R. anti-retraction device, installed on all dynamic instruments, stops droplet retraction and so prevents retrograde contamination of spray water circuits.

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

S.H.S distilled water /disinfection system

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

 Fully removable front cover on instrument module

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

 Instrument support mat made of autoclavable silicone

--> Quality accessories

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

 Anatomical padding: Optional anatomical padding offers patients a wellness experience

牙科综合治疗台 A3 PLUS

 Designed for offering the idea sitting position, and suitable for people regardless of height,

The height, seat tilt and lumbar support positioning can be personalized.