3-in-1 Imaging System  Hyperion X9
3-in-1 Imaging System Hyperion X9

Italy Myray:

MyRay is a worldwide brand in image-assisted diagnostics, with decades of experiences in dental area, which has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists around the world. The vision is to provide dentists and radiologists with high-end available technology.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

  Hyperion X9, just right for you  

3D becomes an indispensable, flexible, efficient tool. With greater potential, it transcends the limits and offers you more diagnoses with high working efficiency.

As a hybrid platform, Hyperion X9 adapts to your work, optimizes your time, and satisfies your needs. with good performances

The present and the future of my work, in three dimensions,

Hyperion X9 offers multiple possibilities and a wide range of functions.

  Performance feature  

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

75μm voxel

Hyperion X9 takes the high quality small focal spot tube (0.5mm) and the amorphous Silicon – Csi (Cesium Iodide) Scintillator, in order to guarantee the high 3D definition.

三合一影像系统 Hyperion X9


Hyperion X9 adopts a FOV up to 11 cm of diameter, in order to scan the entire dental arch.

三合一影像系统 Hyperion X9

Facilitated positioning

As many as 7 support points, 4 laser traces for supporting position, the positioning system is simple, precise and effective.

三合一影像系统 Hyperion X9


Hyperion X9 facilitates your work through the MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology). Automatically secure the recognition of the patient’s morphology for a correct X-ray exposure and an HD image.

三合一影像系统 Hyperion X9

Low dose at 360°

Volumetric acquisition with a full 360° scan is capable of eliminating the artefacts of the resulting image. The constant potential generator with pulsed mode emission can get the HD images with low exposure (3.6 s).

三合一影像系统 Hyperion X9

Virtual console

Thanks to the connectivity of the iPad-dedicated App, the 2D images are going to be viewable directly to speed the sharing of the diagnostic investigation.

  Full 3D. Your present  

3D is evolution, 3D is necessity, 3D is efficient diagnoses . Hyperion X9 brings into your clinic the three-dimensional diagnostic , so as to lend value to your work and satisfy the complex clinical needs, by offering good care .

With the Cone Beam 3D technology, a single scan generates high definition data  (75 μm).Hyperion X9 brings you a voxel resolution of 75 μm across the full arch. Enlarge your diagnostic imaging ability.

  Clinical 3D cases  

3-in-1 Imaging System  Hyperion X9

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Implant Planning

With Implant Planning, you can determine the exact position of the implant directly on the 3D model, on the strength of the finalized prosthetic project imported by the CAD. All in 3D. Assess the bone quantity as well as the surrounding anatomical structures, such as the mandibular canal, by defining a safety distance. 

  Precision in 2D  

Try out a new level of efficiency thanks to the automatic alignment of the 2D and 3D detectors, which can be adjusted according to the exact needs. Hyperion X9 offers an efficient dedicated detector for 2D diagnostics (PAN/CEPH), relocatable and releasable, fastened onto a safety device.

Hyperion X9 is capable of satisfying different diagnostic needs thanks to 37 different examinations. A single craniostat for different examinations. Precise results and great flexibility.

  Clinical 2D cases  

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

HD panoramic images

A sample of three very different morphologies: a child, an adult and an elderly patient.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Bitewing projections

Bitewing exposures limited to crowns, to detect interproximal caries, can be a comfortable alternative  to intraoral imaging, appreciated by patients with a strong gag reflex.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Latero-Lateral teleradiography

Highlighting both bony structures and soft tissue profile, suitable for Cephalometry.

   Hyperion X9, improve your day   

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Improves the quality of the clinical service, offering at once an answer to the problem by uninterruptedly monitoring the state  during the treatment. 

Fluid work and high serenity patient.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

The DICOM network connection is allowed which enable to print, archive and retrieve images and to interface with booking lists.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Available applications for iPad to display images, for face to face communication.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

Expand your panoramic imaging to high definition; carry out the scan of the full dental arch

in three dimensions, with a low X-ray dose.

Hyperion X9 三合一影像系统

A hybrid platform, versatile and well-performing, which allows you to have all the diagnostic programs in a single device: 3D, PAN, CEPH. High diagnostic quality in a reduced space.