Electrically powered operating table: Genius
Electrically powered operating table: Genius

Germany Brumaba

Ÿ    Professional R&D and production of high-end special surgical bed in the field of head and neck surgery

Ÿ    With many patented technological achievements, it has been applied to medical institutions or high-end clinics all over the world.

Ÿ    Unique head structure, comprehensive product details

Ÿ    Operating bed with humanization, individualization, intellectualization, high quality, high technique and high technology

电动手术台 Brumaba CL Genius


Electrically powered operating table: Brumaba CL genius

电动手术台 Brumaba CL Genius

Electrically powered operating table suitable for head and neck surgery

Brumaba CL genius is suitable for head and neck surgery. The features are: specially designed head section, doctors can get access to patient’s head at an appropriate position, and get a clear surgical vision with relax sitting posture. The horseshoe headrest with universal joint can not only fix the head and neck of patients stably, but also adjust the position of patients' head flexibly when necessary. The full hydraulic system makes the movement stably and silently to offer the idea working position for head and neck microsurgery. A great price/performance ratio makes Brumaba CL genius popular with users.


●   Telescopic head section with headrest

●   Back section extendable for length adjustment

●   24V DC battery pack operation

●   Hand-held remote control

●   Memory function with 8 programmes

●   Telescopic column from 570-840 mm

●   Partial stainless steel construction


●   Foot control

●   Instrument table

●   Dual telescopic column GENIUS from 530-960 mm

●   Steering castor undercarriage

电动手术台 Genius

Comfortable up and down

电动手术台 Genius

For good access to patients

电动手术台 Genius

Freely movement

电动手术台 Genius

Personalized adjustment